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How To Use Beeswax Wraps

Perhaps you’ve never heard of beeswax wraps before. If that’s the case, we’d like to tell you all about our amazing reusable food wraps, how to use them, and why they’re the new environmentally friendly, plastic-free alternative to cling film and tin foil. 

Beeswax wraps are a fantastic, eco-friendly solution for wrapping fresh food, leftovers, snacks, and more; without any harmful plastics used in the making.

The main purpose of our wax wrappers is to seal food to keep it fresh and delicious for longer. At Bumble Wrap, it is our primary focus to combat the global issue of food waste and help our customers use their groceries up in good time before they end up going to waste.

Using our food wraps is unbelievably easy. Simply purchase the correct-sized wax wrap you need to wrap your produce and seal in the goodness. Shop our beautiful collection of reusable food wraps here

We sell plastic free cheese wraps for smaller items of food and plastic free sandwich wraps if you require a bigger covering. Should you need an extra large food wrap, we also sell bread-size beeswax wraps, which are big enough to keep an entire loaf of bread fresh.










Once you have a suitably-sized wrap, simply place your food in the centre of the wrap and begin to fold each side over the food until it is air-tight. The food wrap will mould with the natural warmth of your hands to ensure a secure fit to keep all germs and nasties out.

Alternatively, you can use our wax wraps to cover bowls and containers if necessary. Perhaps you have leftover salad or cous-cous you wish to use another day, simply place the wrap over the top of the bowl and use your fingers to press around the edges until tight as desired.

We also offer our handy beeswax bags, which are perfect for packaging leftover cut vegetables, fruit, salads, pastas, nuts, crisps, and so much more. With beeswax bags, simply place your food into the bag and roll the top down and securely tightly with your hands. 

Place your beeswax wraps and bags in the fridge and enjoy fresh food for longer. They can also be popped in the freezer, just remember to allow the wrap to reach room temperature once removed from the freezer. 

What are you waiting for? Switch out the cling film and take a step towards becoming more environmentally friendly by choosing our beautiful, handmade, plastic-free beeswax wraps. Shop the collection today!