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How Beeswax Wraps Are Made

If you’ve ever wondered how beeswax wraps are made, you’ve come to the right place because we’re about to tell you.

At Bumble Wrap, our small yet dedicated team is committed to crafting each reusable food wrap we sell in our Yorkshire workshop. 

Some parts of the process are kept top-secret, however we can share with you some of the amazing ingredients we use to make food wraps that provide you with an environmentally-conscious alternative to cling film and tin foil suitable for daily use.

When we started our beeswax wraps journey, we spent a lot of time mixing waxes and experimenting to master our own unique way of crafting the beautiful plastic-free food wraps we can proudly call our own.

Our process begins with hand-cutting our 100% cotton fabric into the relevant sizes we need, depending on the type of wax wrap we are making. Secondly, we apply the wax mix to the fabric by brushing it on by hand.

Afterwards, we patiently wait for the wax to fully soak through the material. Once the wax has completely soaked through, we allow the sheets of fabric to air dry.

Following the drying process, we cut the strips down further into sizes that will fit your everyday wrapping needs. For example, small beeswax wraps that are suitable for covering bowls and extra large ones for keeping that gorgeous loaf of bread fresher for longer!

To finish off, we fold our reusable food wraps neatly by hand and package them up ready to head off to our stockists or remain in the workshop until orders are placed at Bumble Wrap HQ.

What are you waiting for? Switch out the cling film and take a step towards becoming more environmentally friendly by choosing our beautiful, handmade, plastic-free beeswax wraps.Shop the collection today!