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Bread Wraps

Are you tired of slicing into a loaf of bread and the rest going stale sooner than you want it to? At Bumble Wrap, we hand make reusable, plastic free bread wraps and bags that are the perfect solution for keeping entire loaves of bread fresh to eat at a later date.

There’s nothing more disheartening than a deliciously fresh loaf of bread that starts to go stale within a matter of days. You might get a few tasty sandwiches out of it, then the softness and bounciness disappears and you are left with a lifeless loaf. 

When you use our plastic free bread wraps and bread bags it is easy to prolong the life of freshly-baked bread. Available in a range of unique design choices to suit every personality, each bread wrap is big enough to wrap loaves of almost any shape or size.

Our reusable food wraps are also great for storing fresh pastries and larger freshly-cut vegetables. You could also prepare work lunches to store or on the go meals for days out with the kids at the park, beach, or sightseeing.

Rest assured that our bread wraps are completely air-tight and malleable, which means that all the goodness stays in and all the badness is kept out. Our beeswax wraps mould with the natural warmth of your hands around your desired food item to keep it 100% fresh.

What’s more, they are incredibly easy to clean between uses. Simply rinse with cold water and mild soap between uses and if needed, use a washing up brush to remove any stubborn crumbs. Allow the beeswax wrap to dry naturally on a washing line or draining board.

All of our food wraps are completely plastic free, which means that there is no need for cling film in your kitchen drawer anymore. Beeswax wraps are the new, eco-friendly and sustainable way to keep food fresh and reduce waste at home.

Get your Bumble Wrap bags and bread wraps today. We offer free delivery on all UK mainland orders over £30.00.