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About Us

How can we reduce the amount of single use plastic we use?  This is the question that we asked as a family and the answer led to us setting up Bumble Wrap.   We did a shop at our local supermarket, I would put something in the trolley and my son would take it out because it was packaged in plastic in some way. That shop cost me £11.20.  The cheapest weekly shop ever and as we had very little food for the week I had to re-think how we sourced the foods we like to eat.  

We realised that evening that this was going to be harder than we had thought.

It took some research to find alternatives. Some changes were easy, for example switching to loose leaf tea (who knew tea bags contained plastic!).  Switching to reusable water bottles and delivered milk were easy wins. Soap nuts for washing our clothes were an amazing find (although we need to try our local chestnuts this Autumn). Other things took time to change; finding a shampoo bar that didn’t feel heavy in my hair... sourcing cherry tomatoes without the plastic seemed impossible.

Coming across a way to create food wrap using 100% cotton and beeswax was inspired. I had read a blog about waxed cloth and as I had a lot of beeswax from cappings someone had given me. I began experimenting to find the perfect mix of waxes. The beeswax by itself does not have the malleability and can crack easily, adding jojoba oil gives the Bumble Wrap greater flexibility and durability.  Each wrap is created by hand, painting the wax mixture onto the fabric, allowing it to penetrate the cotton before cooling. We decided we wanted to share our Bumble Wraps with the world so that everyone can reduce their plastic consumption. Click here to browse the range and buy online. 

The beeswax has anti-bacterial properties and the jojoba oil has anti-fungal properties giving a food wrap which is breathable, washable, compostable and very importantly it looks pretty. Above all, our Bumble Wraps are easy to use and can safely wrap almost any food items in your kitchen.