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A Cling Film Alternative

In a quest to better look after our beautiful planet, at Bumble Wrap we specialise in a cling film alternative that’s plastic-free, reusable, eco-friendly and available in a wide range of stunning fabrics to brighten up your lunchboxes and kitchen cupboards.

As you may know, cling film is extremely harmful to the environment. The reason for this is because it ends up in the bin - not a recycling bin - just an average bin!  It will not biodegrade and remains as planet waste for years and years.

When it comes to food leftovers, many people at home have a roll of cling film in the drawer ready to wrap up their food for another day. At Bumble Wrap, we want to break these bad habits and move families over to our plastic-free cling film alternative.

Our reusable food wraps are perfect because we do not use any plastic in the making and they can last from 6months to a year when cared for appropriately. With a simple wash and refresh between uses, you can reuse them again and again and again.

Technically speaking, in the long run you are probably saving yourself some money buying our cling film alternative as opposed to stocking up on the harmful stuff more regularly. 

Even better, the wax wraps are biodegradable after use and do not leave a harmful impact on the environment. Switching over to plastic free food wraps means that you can completely ditch the cling film and choose a sustainable, eco-friendly alternative that helps our planet.

Beeswax wraps also can counteract environmental issues that continue to grow concerning, including plastic pollution and food waste. Our wraps are breathable, which allow your food leftovers to stay fresher for longer and reduce how much food goes in the bin.

What are you waiting for? Switch out the cling film and take a step towards becoming more environmentally friendly by choosing beeswax wraps.Shop today!