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Zero Waste Travel Tips

With the holiday season fast approaching, we wanted to share the best ways you can reduce waste in preparation for and during travel to practise a more sustainable and eco-friendly approach when going on holiday. 

Living a zero waste lifestyle starts with realising what impacts the environment and how you can do your bit to help out. At Bumble Wrap, we don’t believe it’s about being perfect all the time but instead it’s about taking a step in the right direction. 

If you can, book direct flights

During a flight, fuel is emitted most during takeoff and landing. Therefore, the less flights you have to take means less fuel emissions. 

Pack efficiently

There are lots of fantastic items to take with you during travel which are less harmful for the environment. 

Our beeswax bags can also be used for travel purposes to place anything you may be concerned about spilling or leaking. For example, you could pop a few cosmetics in, shampoo and soap bars, or nail varnishes. 

If you haven’t already made the move, swap out your plastic toothbrush for a bamboo one. To prevent germs gathering in the head of the toothbrush, use one of our trusty beeswax wraps to cover it and keep nasties out. 

Instead of packing big plastic bottles of shampoo and conditioner, try using toiletry bars instead or decant your favourite products into travel-size reusable bottles.

Ensure there is no food waste at home

If you’re leaving for a week or more, it may be a good idea to sort through your fridge and kitchen cupboards to see what food is perishable and how you can preserve it.

Of course, our reusable food wrappers are the perfect solution to keep food fresher longer. If you have just cut up some fruit or vegetables the day before you are due to travel, pop them in a beeswax wrap to keep germs out and the goodness in.

If you are still concerned about your fruit and vegetables perishing while you are away, our wax wrappers can be placed in the freezer to extend the lifespan of your produce. When you get home, you could use the contents to make delicious healthy smoothies. 

Unplug your home before you leave

Even if a lamp isn’t ‘on’ when plugged in at the wall, it will still be drawing energy from the outlet. Make sure that before you leave for the airport you scan your home and unplug everything you can find. 

Pack snacks and drinks for your flight

To avoid buying sandwiches at the airport that use plastic packaging or packaging that can’t be recycled, prepare meals or snacks at home and bring them with you. Not only will this save you some pennies, it will have a better impact on the environment. 

Our plastic free food wraps can be used to package delicious sandwiches, salads, fresh fruit and vegetables, crisps, crackers, nuts, and more. They can also double to use a make-shift lid, so you can prepare a tasty pasta or noodle dish in a bowl and cover with a wax wrap. 

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