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Why Beeswax Wraps Benefit Our Planet

If you’ve never heard of beeswax wraps, let us tell you all about them. As an environmentally-conscious business, here at Bumble Wrap, we are all for swapping out single-use plastics and finding alternatives that have a better impact on our planet.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could look after the world we live in just a little bit more than we do? 

When it comes to food leftovers at home, a lot of people have a roll of cling film in the drawer ready to wrap up their goods for another day. 

While this is great and reduces food waste, what happens to the cling film and tin foil once it’s fulfilled its purpose? It goes in the bin! Not a recycling bin, just an average bin!

This means that cling film is non-recyclable and doesn’t biodegrade naturally, which as a result causes a lot of harm to our environment. That’s why, if you could use an eco-friendly alternative, why wouldn’t you?

Our beeswax wraps and bags are perfect because they’re completely plastic-free, sustainable, reusable, and at the end of their 1-year lifespan are also biodegradable. 

Switching over to Bumble Wrap means you can completely opt out of purchasing non-biodegradable options, such as cling film and tin foil, which are bad for our planet.

Unlike these harmful alternatives, our beeswax products can be used time and time again. With a simple wash and refresh between uses, our wraps and bags can last up to an entire year when cared for appropriately. 

So, looking at the bigger picture, you’re actually probably saving yourself some money! Who doesn’t like to save a few quid?

Beeswax wraps also have the ability to counteract environmental issues that continue to grow concerning, including plastic pollution and food waste. Our wraps are breathable, which allow your food leftovers to stay fresher for longer and reduce how much food goes in the bin.

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