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Using Beeswax Wraps For Motherhood

There’s no doubt about it, being a mother is a challenge! Here at Bumble Wrap we understand the difficulties associated with all things mum-related, so we’re here to tell you how our amazing beeswax wraps can help you. 

Just one of the many challenges we face being a mum is the difficulty of making sure our children follow a healthy and balanced diet. 

Sometimes, thinking of new and exciting ways to introduce new foods to our little ones can be hard. Alongside this, presenting food in ways to entice them can be even more of a task. 

Our beeswax wraps are the perfect solution for kids’ lunchboxes. Not only do they look colourful and fun, which should excite your little sprogs to open up and see what’s inside, they also keep food fresh with a range of possibilities. 

Use beeswax wraps for lid replacements

Sandwiches can get boring for children, especially if they’re eating them every day. Try making a delicious vegetable curry, noodle pot, pasta salad, homemade jelly pot, or fresh berries with yoghurt. Then… put a lit on it with a beeswax wrap!

The beeswax wrap will help seal in all the delicious, healthy goodness to help them grow big and strong. 

Design pouches for their favourite snacks

A no-fuss solution that helps create a small pouch to keep a range of delicious snacks inside. Watch our how-to video here for guidance on how to fold your beeswax wraps to create a pouch that is the perfect size for your child’s school bag. 

Package fresh berries, vegetable sticks, crackers, crisps, nuts, and more in your handy little pouches.

Keep cutlery free from germs

Because of the way children are so adventurous, free-spirited, and constantly wanting to explore they are always picking up and spreading nasties!

Often, little ones simply drop items to the bottom of their school bags and they get forgotten about. Over time, germs and dirt will build up and it can all end up very unhygienic.

For items that need to stay clean, such as cutlery for lunchtime use, use our beeswax wraps to seal them together and protect. The warmth of your hands with mould the wrap around the cutlery so it is as tight as possible to keep unwanted crumbs and other nasties out.

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