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Top Ten Uses For Beeswax Wraps

Beeswax Wraps are an excellent, sustainable replacement for single-use plastics and plastic wrapping such as cling film. While the primary use of Bumble Wrap beeswax wraps might be evident from all of the food-related pictures on our website and social media, there are actually a few different uses for beeswax wraps that you might not have thought of. 

  1. Keep your food fresh - beeswax wraps are the perfect alternative to cling film and take away boxes that end up in the bin. You can keep your food fresh, wrapped in a Bumble Wrap.  In fact when we compare food wrapped in Bumble Wrap and to food wrapped in cling film, the food wrapped in Bumble Wrap stays fresher for longer.  
  2. Packed lunches - add a little snaz to the kids packed lunches with a Bumble Wrap; we have a wide range of styles available. Even better, the kids can bring it back, and you can reuse the wrap repeatedly! 
  3. Camping - staycations are in at the moment! The last thing you want to carry around in your pack is a roll of cling film, the easy solution? A Bumble Wrap beeswax wrap. 
  4. Soaps and shampoo bars - do you have a dish in the bathroom for the soap? You know the one, it gets very grimy if left to its own devices. Why not craft a stylish container from a beeswax wrap that can be reused and cleaned over and over? 
  5. Movie time - do you enjoy jumping on the sofa with the other half and putting on a film on a Saturday night? Why not fashion a popcorn cone for each of you to keep your snacks fresh? 
  6. Lid replacement - we all lose lids off jars; we don’t actually know where they disappear to, but don’t throw your containers out; you can make a new lid with a stunning beeswax wrap.
  7. Gift - beeswax wraps make a great gift! 
  8. Flowers - it’s not just food we can keep fresh with a beeswax wrap; you can use them to keep flowers fresh also. 
  9. Make a funnel - you’re in the kitchen, and you’re in the midst of a killer recipe, but you need a funnel, oh no - you don’t have one? Well, you do if you can grab hold of a beeswax wrap.
  10. DIY food boxes - if you have guests coming for afternoon tea and you want to keep your cakes fresh but also want to guard them against any nasties, you can use your beeswax wraps to make some beautiful little cake boxes!

If we’ve twisted your arm and you now want to purchase some beeswax wraps for yourself or for a gift, don’t hesitate. Head over to our shop today.