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The Best Alternatives To Tin Foil And Cling Film

It almost seems like the default thing to do when you want to keep food fresh is to grab some cling film or tin foil, wrap your food up and pop it in the fridge.

However, cling film especially ends up being used once and popped in the bin without being sent to be recycled. Even if you use cling film to wrap your sarnies up for work or school, the end result is usually the same, the bin. 

There are some alternative solutions to cling film and tin foil. Let's have a quick look; 

Plastic Tupperware boxes

Perfect for long term use, things like packed lunches or foods like chilli or spag bol. However, like single-use plastics, the probability of these containers being sent to landfill is pretty high. 

Foil containers

You know the ones, you'll get your Saturday night Indian delivered in them. Again, great for messy foods but are really only suitable for one or two uses before they end up in the bin. If cleaned well they can be added to your roadside recycling collection.

Sandwich bags

Sandwich bags can be used for more than just sandwiches. You can bag up different kinds of foods to pop in the fridge, freezer or lunch boxes. However, they tend to get ripped and disregarded very quickly and will end up in landfill like the plastic and foil containers.

Beeswax wraps 

We've saved the best until last! Why use a beeswax wrap instead of cling film, tin foil or any of the above?

  1. Our Bumble Wrap beeswax wraps are made from environmentally friendly, sustainable materials. Our wraps are biodegradable, so even if they do end up in landfill, they will break down naturally. 
  2. You can save some money by utilising beeswax wraps. Our wraps can be used over and over again. Instead of nipping to the local supermarket to pick up another roll of cling film, you can wash your Bumble Wraps and reuse them to your heart's content. 
  3. Let's be honest, our Bumble Wraps look good! Add a little snazz to your dining experience.
  4. Beeswax Wraps don't come from a factory, making other plastics and chemicals. We don't rely on fossil fuels in the creation of the wraps.
  5. When they do come to the end of their life, they make great firelighters. Perfect for the BBQ season!

If you want to make a difference a switch to beeswax wraps is an easy win, head over to our shop today