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Replace your Disposables with Reusables - our top 10

Making changes is never easy. Change requires effort. Seeking out plastic free alternatives to our everyday items is a great place to start. 

I remember, years ago, looking for peanut butter without the plastic lid!  I could find glass jars but at that time all brands were using similar lids - plastic!  Fast forward a number of years and things have changed, thankfully.  There are more plastic-free options available to us if you look.

We can all take small steps to eliminate plastic and opt for reusable rather than disposable items. Looking for sustainable alternatives to our everyday items is a good place to start. One of the first swaps we made, was to hankies!  So simple.  Finding cloth hankies was less simple!  I was told in a large department store in York that hankies were 'dirty' and should not be used, while in the same stores men's department hankies were available. So we made the switch. 

Other swaps we introduced were quite easy some not so!  Here is our top 10

  1. Paper napkins were replaced by my mums vintage linen napkins.
  2. Travel cups and water bottles for all the family saves buying bottled water
  3. Deodorant - plastic free alternatives that work really well and smell divine
  4. Subscribed to a veg box delivery service
  5. Shampoo bars - not quite so easy as finding the right one for your hair type but worth the struggle
  6. Solid soap - this was an easy switch ditching shower gels in plastic bottles for an old fashioned bar of soap
  7. Compostable dish brushes - better for your pots and pans too
  8. Cloth produce bags - handy for the local farmers market
  9. Reusable kitchen cloths rather than paper towels and reusable makeup pads
  10. Beeswax wraps to replace cling film and foil - this alternative changed our life completely!


Making changes doesn't need to be difficult, small steps add up.

So go on what will you do?