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New Year, Less Food Waste

We know what you’re thinking and we can’t believe it either… 2021 is almost over and where did it go? With 2022 closely on the horizon, it’s the time that many of us are thinking about making changes and setting resolutions for the New Year. 

Have you ever set yourself a resolution that is completely unrealistic which causes you to completely fall off the wagon two weeks in? Let’s be honest, none of us are perfect but it’s the trying and taking part that counts for something.

At Bumble Wrap, we are all about reducing our use of single-use plastics and as a result, reducing the amount of food that goes to waste. Not only this, we are all about encouraging as many people as possible to do the same!

What’s great about our beeswax products is that they are plastic-free, reusable, and eco-friendly. This means you can completely eliminate the need to purchase and use non-biodegradable alternatives, such as cling film and tin foil, which are harmful to the environment. 

Plus, when you buy non eco-friendly products like this you are repurchasing time and time again. However, our handy beeswax bags and wraps can be reused and can withstand up to an entire year of use when washed and refreshed with care. Therefore, in the long run you are actually saving yourself money. 

Perfect for wrapping up a wide range of freshly-cut vegetables and food leftovers, our Bumble Wrap bags and wraps mould themselves with the natural warmth of your hand to create an airtight cover or seal to keep food fresher for longer. 

Wrap up your Sunday dinner leftovers, make delicious lunches for the family, package up crisps and nuts for on-the-go snacks, and keep freshly-chopped seasonal vegetables germ-free in the fridge. The options are almost endless with our beeswax products!

So, if you’re looking for a new challenge in January 2022, we challenge you to reduce your food waste and wrap up with Bumble Wrap. That way, you can guarantee your fresh food and leftovers will remain edible and delicious for longer.

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