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How To Reduce Your Plastic Waste

While the use of single-use plastic has drastically changed in recent years, it is still apparent that we must do more to tackle plastic waste, especially when using items that cannot be recycled or repurposed. 

There are many alternatives now to single-use plastics. Pubs and restaurants have swapped out plastic straws, supermarkets have got rid of plastic bags and have introduced bags for life, and much more has gone on within big organisations to reduce plastic waste. 

But what can you do to help reduce your plastic waste? Let’s have a look. 

  1. Top of the hit list! Get rid of the cling film. The majority of cling film ends up in landfill where it will remain for years and years. Swap your single-use cling film out for an eco-friendly, reusable beeswax wrap from Bumble Wrap. 
  2. Swap out your coffee cup. Do you go to your favourite coffee shop every morning for your caffeine fix? Why not take your own cup? Not only will you be helping with the waste, but a lot of the coffee shops knock a few pence off your coffee price for swapping to a reusable cup.  
  3. Refill shops are on the rise in so many areas.  They offer a new way of shopping and buying plastic free.  Take your empty washing up liquid bottle and have it refilled.  Your old take away containers would hold rice, pasta, flour and so many other dried goods. Beeswax wraps can even come in handy as a 'container'.   Check out the refill/zero waste shops in your area.
  4. Get a good quality bag for life. A straightforward one, most supermarkets have good quality bags for life, which last forever and only cost a few quid! Just remember to take it with you next time your shopping.
  5. Swap out milk in plastic bottles for glass bottles either delivered or more and more shops are stocking the glass bottles.

Hopefully, our little tips will help you make better decisions when it comes to single-use plastics.  Every little helps!