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Do's & Don'ts With Beeswax Wraps

With beeswax wraps, the possibilities are almost endless. 

Our eco-friendly, plastic-free wraps and bags are designed to help reduce food waste and promote a more sustainable lifestyle. While there are plenty of things you can do with beeswax wraps, there are certainly a few things to avoid too.

Let’s take a look at the do’s and don'ts when it comes to using beeswax wraps.

DO package your lunch using a beeswax wrap

Ditch the cling film and plastic tupperware and choose beeswax wraps instead. No matter what sort of lunch you have in mind, our protective wraps are designed to keep the goodness in and the nasties out. They also help to keep your food fresher for longer!

If you’re a sandwich lover, our beeswax wrap sandwich packs are ideal for sealing delicious sarnies. Alternatively, if you prefer enjoying a pot of soup at your desk, use one of our smaller cheese pack wraps to create a cover to ensure the soup stays fresh in its container.

DON’T wrap raw meat or fish

At Bumble Wrap, we advise against using your beeswax wraps directly with raw meat or raw fish. Instead, we recommend putting the meat or fish in a bowl and covering it with a large beeswax wrap to maintain its freshness.

DO create snack pouches 

Crisps, crackers, nuts, popcorn, grapes, berries… When you create snack pouches with beeswax wraps you can take almost anything with you to enjoy as a desk-side snack or on the go.

Watch our handy how-to video here on how to make snack pouches.

DON’T wash beeswax wraps with hot water

Washing your beeswax wraps in water that is too hot will cause the beeswax to go bobbly on the surface of the wrap. If this does happen, you can refresh the wrap to bring it back to life. 

DO keep your bread loaves fresh

That’s right, we have beeswax wraps big enough to package entire loaves of bread! If you’re tired of your fresh bread going mouldy before its time, use one of our bread pack beeswax wraps to combat the problem while making sure it looks pretty too.

DON’T think that cling film is better

If you are looking to take a step in the right direction to protect our beautiful planet, make the swap from cling film to beeswax wraps. 

Cling film is harmful to the environment and non-biodegradable, which means it has a harmful effect on the world we live in. On the other hand, beeswax wraps are plastic-free, reusable, biodegradable, and can last for up to an entire year.

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