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Christmas Dinner Hacks

Wow, we can’t quite believe that it’s finally December. One of the most celebrated and well-loved months of the year at Bumble Wrap, this time of year is exciting for a number of reasons.

One of our favourite things to do is to start making lots of lovely, hearty roast dinners in preparation for the main event… Christmas dinner!

We’ve been practicing our favourite Jamie Oliver roast potatoes, bacon and chestnut brussels sprouts, tangy homemade cranberry sauce, and delicious sticky spiced red cabbage.

However, we couldn’t do it without the help of our trusty Bumble Wrap bags and wraps. They come in handy all-year-round and the month of December is no different. Use them to store cut vegetables, cover up leftovers, wrap cutlery, and lots more.

Here are the best ways you can use Bumble Wrap for Christmas dinner!

Cover up

Let’s face it, we can’t always eat everything we’ve prepared when it comes to Christmas dinner. Naturally, there will probably be some leftovers that can be eaten another day and the best way to keep them fresher for longer is to make sure they’re covered up tightly.

Use our Bumble Wrap to cover up leftover gravy, cranberry sauce, white sauce, chutney, pigs in blankets, Christmas pudding, and many other festive treats.

Bag it

Our Bumble Bags are pretty genius and are actually the perfect solution for keeping cut vegetables deliciously fresh to eat at a later date. Keep the air out and the flavour in!

Use the beeswax bags to protect other festive snacks too, including crisps, nuts, pretzels, loose sweets, and crackers.

Wrap, wrap, wrap!

Another great use for our amazing beeswax products is wrapping up leftovers. Our wraps mould beautifully with the natural warmth of your hands to create a tight fit around the item you wish to wrap up. 

Keep cheese, Christmas cake, cookies, stollen, mince pies, and leftover turkey as delicious as on day 1 by wrapping up adequately and enjoy when you’re feeling a little less full!

Another great hack when using our wraps is to use them as cutlery holders. Not only do they keep your cutlery altogether and neat but they also look the part too because of our range of stunning designs to choose from.

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