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Bumble Wrap’s Top Tips For Nutrition and Hydration Week

Nutrition and Hydration Week is all about promoting, highlighting and bringing people together to create and educate the wider world about the value of nutrition and hydration. It goes without saying, correct nutrition management can help with your overall physical fitness and mental health. 

With this in mind, what’re our top tips for Nutrition and Hydration Week? 

  1. Meal prep and planning - key to keeping a balanced diet is knowing what you are eating and when. Some of us stick to a balanced diet, breakie, lunch and dinner. However, many of us snack throughout the day, eating things at different times with zero planning in place. If you sit down on a Sunday and plan for an entire week, you’ll know what to cook up, box and eat and when. Meal planning can help you stick to a balanced diet, and when you cook things yourself fresh, you know exactly what is going into your meals, which brings us to…. 
  2. Cook from fresh - look, we know it is really easy to finish a busy day and shove something in the microwave or even grab something from a takeaway app. However, 9 times out of 10, those ready meals and takeaways aren’t really the best nutritional wise. Making your own meals from really fresh ingredients is so much better for us.  
  3. Water, water and more water - getting your daily water intake can be challenging, but you can make it fun! Why not purchase a water bottle and challenge yourself to get your daily allowance in by a set time? Instead of buying a coffee, why not take a sip from your water instead? 
  4. Eat vegetables and fruit - self-explanatory, really. But do you snack at work? The odd biscuit here and there soon adds up. Why not swap out your unhealthy snacks for some fruit or veg alternatives? We have set up a large fruit bowl at work to go us healthier choices. You can even keep them fresh with a Bumble Wrap beeswax wrap! 

Looking after yourself is something you should be looking to do 52 weeks a year, but if you get into a bit of routine this week for Nutrition and Hydration Week, you might find you enjoy the healthy lifestyle and keep it up.