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Beeswax Wraps For Summer Picnics

The summer season isn’t far away now and we can’t wait! Don’t get us wrong, we’ve loved spring but we’re so ready for ice-cold drinks in the garden, hosting family barbeques, and using our plastic-free, eco-friendly beeswax wraps for yummy picnics on the beach.

As you may already know, our wax wrappers are versatile for a range of uses inside and outside the home. Use them on the go for work lunches, use them as lid replacements in the kitchen, wrap leftovers, and package up delicious homemade food for a summer picnic!

No matter what type of food you like to take along with you for a picnic, we’ve got a wide variety of wrap sizes and designs to keep your food fresh before you’re ready to eat it. 

So, how can you make the best use of beeswax food wraps for a picnic? Let’s take a look… 

Seal in the sandwich goodness

One of the best uses for our reusable food wraps is to wrap delicious sandwiches to keep bread stodgy and fillings fresh. Instead of wrapping it with cling film, which is harmful to the environment, or packaging in a plastic box, Bumble Wrap it instead!

Wrapping a sandwich couldn’t be more simple but if you’re unsure on the best way to seal in the freshness, take a look at our how-to videohere.

Bag it or create a snack pouch 

Perhaps you already have some of our beeswax wraps handy? If so, another great way to make use of them is to create handy snack pouches to keep fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts, crisps, crackers, and more concealed in a safe space for later.

Alternatively, our beeswax bags are a game-changer if you wish to keep your beeswax wraps for wrapping purposes only. Easy to clean, sizeable, and the perfect solution for fresh and delicious; get your hands on abeeswax bag today. 

Wrap up your cutlery

That’s right, you don’t have to use our food wrappers just to wrap food. The possibilities are endless! A great way to use them beyond food purposes is to wrap up your picnic cutlery to keep it germ-free before use.

Cover bowls and containers

Made a fresh salad or a delicious pasta dish to bring along with you? Beeswax wraps make it so much easier because you can simply place one over the top to seal in the goodness without the need to transfer it to another container or dish.

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