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Beeswax Wraps For Easter

Beeswax wraps are perfect for use all year round and the Easter season is no exception. It’s no secret that Easter is a time when eating delicious foods and sweet snacks is our favourite thing to do. So, let’s reduce food waste and keep leftovers fresher for longer. 

At Bumble Wrap, our main goal is to reduce how much food goes in the bin and keep more food fresh and tasty in the fridge or kitchen cupboards to be consumed at a later date. 

During the Easter period there are lots of ways to get the best use out of your beeswax food wraps. Here are some of the best ways you might like to use them this season.

Wrap up leftover Easter eggs

Sometimes we can finish them, sometimes we can’t… Don’t worry if your sweet tooth isn’t quite feeling up to it because our food wraps are the perfect solution. 

Wrap your tasty sweet treat up for later and enjoy with a foamy hot chocolate or glass of red wine if you’re feeling in the mood to treat yourself. 

Design gift boxes for homemade sweet treats 

Should you be making your own chocolates this year for the Easter season, why not follow our step by step video on how to make your own handy little gift box to keep them in?

This idea is also perfect if you wish to gift the chocolates and present them beautifully to family or friends.

Make cutlery wraps if you’re hosting

Perhaps you are hosting a family dinner for the season. If you are, our reusable food wraps make fantastic roll-ups to ensure cutlery looks fabulous.

Our beautiful range of vibrant fabrics make for the best table decorations and are sure to stand out as a statement piece in your table spread. 

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