Why wrap it when you can bag it!?

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Back to school with beeswax Bumble Wraps

This morning we woke up doing a happy dance. The sun is shining, (actually its not but its shining on the inside), the rhubarb is sprouting (we didn’t manage to kill it last year) and last Friday was the last day of having to drag my 15 year old son out of bed to sit in front of a computer from 9am to 4pm. 

It feels like the first day of term as uniform is sorted (it no longer fits!), bags are cleared out of the debris from the previous term (disgusting), books are gathered (the hunt for the missing geography book begins), cries of ‘where’s my PE kit’ and the challenge of what to pack for lunch begins.

Now is the perfect opportunity to invest in a plastic free lunches. We may not be able to help with the ill-fitting uniform or the lost kit but we can help you with the plastic free lunch wrap.

Why use Bumble wraps for your child's pack up

Wrapping your sandwiches and bagging up carrot sticks is so simple with Bumble wraps and we have a range of designs to choose from. Be it flamingos, koi carp, bees, flowers or moustaches there is something for everyone

There are so many benefits to wrapping your sandwiches on a beeswax wrap.  The natural properties of the wraps help to keep your food fresh. This means that you can wrap your sandwiches a few days ahead. Batch making lunches.

Gone are the days of the soggy, sweaty sandwich. And once sealed the wrap will hold everything inside and prevent that sandwich being squashed – too much!

They are easy to clean ready for the following day. Simply wash in cool water with a mild detergent and allow to dry naturally. If you need the wrap quickly simply dry with a tea towel as you would a plate. 

Create a beeswax Bumble wrap pouch

Going plastic free can be challenging when it comes to snacks such as crisps but there are some great easy to make and tasty alternatives.

Popcorn has always been a favourite in our house. Either sweet or salty and more recently marmite flavoured! Some love it and some hate it! It is really cheap and readily available in refill shops. And you can store the popcorn in one of our wraps turned into a pouch. Just a few folds and voila, perfect storage.

And to avoid the squashed banana goo or bruised apple try wrapping the fruit in the Bumble Wrap to protect it.

That’s lunch covered.

I'm sure I will still have to drag my son out of bed each morning but for now Im just pleased that he will get to walk further the distance between his bed and his computer.