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Back To School Lunchbox Ideas

It’s that time again - how quickly does it fly by? It doesn’t seem two seconds ago that the little ones were breaking up for six weeks of fun and freedom. But now it’s back to 9am starts, preparing lunchboxes and washing sweaty gym kits. 

Being a parent is so much easier when life is planned out and helped by nifty little hacks. Our beeswax products are the perfect back-to-school solution for lunch box organisation. Not only do they keep your children’s food fresh and tasty all day; with their eye-catching designs, they also look the part.

Here are a few great ways to make use of your Bumble bags and wraps at the start of a new term!

Wrap sandwiches to keep them fresh

Sandwiches or wraps are a staple part of lunchboxes because they’re mess-free, and kids love them. Our eco-friendly alternative to cling film and foil is the answer for keeping sandwiches fresh throughout the day, ready to eat at lunchtime. What’s also great about our beeswax products is that they can be used repeatedly, so there’s absolutely no wastage. 

Here are a few bread-based ideas for your children’s lunchboxes: Turkey and cheddar roll-ups, cream and pesto bread stars, egg and cress club sandwiches, or coronation chicken wraps.

Pack snacks using our NEW Bumble bags or create handy pouches

Our beeswax wraps not only make perfect sandwich wraps but can also be folded to make snack pouches. Alternatively, you could also try out our NEW Bumble bags that are fantastic for storing a variety of snacks.

You could bag up some delicious healthy fruit, homemade granola bars, pita bread or vegetable sticks with a side of hummus, nuts, crisps, tortilla chips with dip, cheese, hardboiled eggs, and plenty more. All in a well-sealed practical snack pouch!

Put a lid on it

Perhaps you’ve made a tasty meal or snack for your child’s lunch that needs a lid on it, like a noodle pot, pasta salad, vegetable curry, homemade jelly pot, or fresh berries and yoghurt.

That’s no problem at all! Simply use your beeswax wrap to create a cover that guarantees to seal in all the delicious goodness that will help them grow big and strong.

Keep cutlery germ-free

We all know what kids can be like; they often have a tendency to just drop things at the bottom of their bags. For items you want to stay clean and germ-free, like the cutlery they’ll be using at lunchtime, use your beeswax wraps to seal them together. This will keep out any unwanted crumbs and other nasties found at the bottom of school bags.

The use of our beeswax wraps drastically helps reduce the use of single-use plastics and foil with a simple and eco-friendly alternative.

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