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Afternoon Tea Week

Afternoon tea… It’s the nation’s favourite pastime, and it’s happening all throughout this week! 

Running from the 9th to 15th August, the next seven days are all about celebrating the great British tradition. Plus, it’s the perfect excuse to gather with friends and family to drink delicious tea and chow down on some savoury and sweet treats.

There’s always a use for our handy beeswax wraps, and this time it’s no different. Let’s see how our beeswax products can help make your Afternoon Tea Week even better.

Wrap up your leftovers

If you’re choosing to dine out for afternoon tea this week, why not take along your beeswax wraps in case you start feeling full but don’t want to waste the tasty leftovers? This saves having to ask the waiter to box up the extra food using unnecessary cardboard or plastic boxes. This is a fantastic, environmentally friendly alternative. 

Cover up the milk 

Dining outside? There are always creepy crawlies around that like to make a beeline for practically whatever you’re eating and drinking. That’s when our beeswax wraps come in really useful because you can make a cover to protect anything that you need to. 

Want to keep the milk fresh before you pour yourself another cuppa? Simply seal it with our beeswax wraps to ensure no insects make their way in and your milk is as fresh as possible to use when you need to.

Create useful pouches/boxes if you’re hosting

Not only do our beeswax products serve as great wraps and cover-ups for food, but you can also fold them to create nifty pouches and boxes that can have many great uses. See the videos on the website.

If you’re hosting afternoon tea for friends and family instead of going out, why not make a cute box for the sugar cubes to add a pop of colour to the table? Or, why not give the sandwiches on the bottom tier some extra flair by laying them on a Bumble Wrap wax wrap? You could even create some pretty boxes and pouches for your guests so they can take away their leftovers. The possibilities with our beeswax wraps are endless.

Design pretty cutlery wraps

Again, suppose you’re hosting afternoon tea at home. In that case, you could use our handy beeswax wraps to create pretty cutlery holders that really bring the table to life for your guests. Who doesn’t love that Instagram-able look?

We hope you enjoy Afternoon Tea Week now you’re up to scratch with our helpful hacks on how to make the best use of your beeswax wraps.