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Achieve A Plastic-Free Office

At Bumble Wrap, we are passionate about encouraging people to live a plastic-free lifestyle. We understand that it is difficult to make a complete switch-over, however taking small steps towards helping the environment is definitely a good start.

Day to day in the workplace, many of us use more plastic than we realise. Going plastic-free in the office will not only have a positive impact on the environment but also on your business.

Knowing where to start when it comes to going plastic-free in the office can sometimes be difficult, however it is completely doable with a few simple ideas.

Don’t buy plastic tea bags

When we’re busy working in the office, it’s safe to say that many hot drinks are consumed on a daily basis. With over 165 million cups of tea consumed daily in Britain, it’s no secret that we like the stuff.

You might be thinking “Tea bags contain plastic?”. Yes, unfortunately tea bags do contain plastic. That’s why switching over to loose leaf tea is the safest move to benefit the environment.  Get the teapot out!

Order glass bottled milk

Organising regular deliveries of milk in glass bottles to the office is much better than popping to the corner shop for a pint of milk in a plastic bottle.  

While glass may be heavier, which adds to the transportation carbon footprint, if you reuse glass bottles rather than recycle them enough times you will save enough energy to make them better than using plastic bottles.  And you can always cover the top of the bottle with a small beeswax wrap.

Use reusable water bottles

As well as drinking tea regularly in the office, drinking plenty of water is also essential for keeping hydrated. However, you don’t have to keep buying bottled water with your lunchtime meal deal when you can make a one-off purchase for a reusable bottle and refill it. 

Increase recycling & cut landfill waste

Having enough dedicated recycling bins in the office will encourage colleagues to recycle more and put less waste into landfill. 

Many offices have been offering recycling for glass bottles and paper for a number of years. But there’s still more we can be doing by having bins for recycling paper, plastic, glass, and food waste. 

Ditch the single-use coffee cups

Not only is buying a coffee from Starbucks or Costa everyday expensive for our bank accounts, it also encourages the use of single-use coffee cups.

Instead of popping to the coffee shop for a brew, purchase a reusable coffee cup and make yourself in-office cuppas to enjoy for a fraction of the cost. 

Swap out cling film & plastic containers

Cling film is an extremely harmful food wrap solution for our environment and one we actively discourage the use of because it ends up in landfill waste and takes hundreds of years to decompose. 

Instead, our beeswax wraps are the perfect solution for wrapping and covering food to bring into the office for lunch. Plastic-free, reusable, and easy to clean; they are ideal for wrapping sandwiches, covering soup, bagging snacks, and so much more.

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