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5 Clever Uses For Beeswax Wraps

To help reduce food waste and keep food fresher for longer, our beeswax wraps and bags were designed with the environment in mind. If we are able to help do our bit to combat climate change, we always will. 

While being sustainable and beneficial for the environment, Bumble Wrap also has many clever uses. 

Of course, you can wrap up your freshly-cut vegetables and package delicious sandwiches for work but there are other amazing ways to make full use of your wraps and bags.

Let’s talk about our top FIVE clever uses for beeswax wraps!

DIY food boxes

It may sound too good to be true but you can actually design origami-style boxes using Bumble Wrap. 

With a little folding and natural warmth from your hands, in no time you can have yourself a beautiful box that’s perfect for gifting baked goods in or keeping food at home fresher for longer.

Watch our how-to video here on how to make stunning boxes that not only do a great job but also look good too.

Cutlery wraps

Having guests over for a dinner party this weekend? Want to make an impression with your table decor? Wrap up your cutlery using our beautiful wraps and your dining table will be looking inviting in no time!

With a wide range of colourful designs to choose from, you won’t be spoilt for choice when it comes to deciding on a table aesthetic. 

Popcorn cones

Saturday night is movie night! Of course, popcorn is the all-time favourite movie snack, so make yourself a nifty little popcorn cone and relax with your sweet or salty treat.

Designing these snack cones also allows you to practice portion control. Instead of sitting eating an entire bag of popcorn (we all know how moreish it is) you can pour out a suitable amount and enjoy.

Gift bouquets

Whether it’s a birthday, Valentines Day, Mother’s Day, or any other type of celebration; flowers are always a beautiful gift to receive. However, your bouquet can be made even more stunning by ditching the plastic wrap and adding an eco-friendly flair with Bumble Wrap.

Water bottle cover

Want to ditch the plastic water bottles? Good idea! Instead, take your fresh water to work in a glass bottle and cover it using a beeswax wrap. Using the natural warmth of your hand, simply shape the wrap over the top of the bottle, secure tightly, and eliminate any air gaps.

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